Virtual Event #1
Saturday, March 27, 2021
Live Streaming Link:

Please make sure to sign in before the scheduled performance time listed in this schedule! These times are considered approximate. There are no capabilities to rewind performances within the stream so once a performance occurs, you will not be able to view it again! There are no refunds due to missed performances.
Group Name Division Perform
Microphone Test MIC 4:00 PM
North Lincoln Cadets CADET 4:00 PM
Chapin HS Varsity SRA 4:03 PM
Blythewood HS JV SRA 4:08 PM
Boiling Springs HS SRA 4:13 PM
West Lincoln HS B SRA 4:17 PM
Lakeside HS JV SRA 4:22 PM
York Comprehensive HS A SRA 4:26 PM
Nation Ford HS Varsity SRA 4:31 PM
Lakeside HS Varsity SRA 4:37 PM
Lewisville HS SRA 4:41 PM
Ridgeland-Hardeeville HS SRA 4:46 PM
Riverside HS Varsity SA 4:51 PM
Blacksburg HS SA 4:55 PM
North Lincoln HS SA 5:01 PM
Wren HS Varsity SA 5:04 PM
Forestview HS SA 5:07 PM
Blythewood HS SA 5:10 PM
Gilbert HS SA 5:15 PM
West Lincoln HS SA 5:19 PM
Concord HS SA 5:24 PM
Summerville HS SO 5:28 PM
Etude A ESHW 5:31 PM
Etude ESHW 5:36 PM
Group Name Division Perform
Microphone Test Mic 5:36 PM
Lewisville HS Perc PSCN 5:45 PM
York Preparatory Academy Perc PSN 5:49 PM
West Lincoln HS Perc PSCA 5:54 PM
Wren HS Perc PSA 6:00 PM
Ninety Six HS Perc PSA 6:03 PM
Riverside HS Perc PSA 6:09 PM
Catawba Ridge HS Perc PSCO 6:14 PM
Schedules are subject to change prior to event. Please always consult the current version listed on the CWEA website for the most up to date version.
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